About INF


Established in 1952, INF is Nepal’s longest-serving

international non-government organisation

INF helps people affected by TB, leprosy, disability, HIV / AIDS and drug abuse, facilitates development among poor communities, runs medical camps and provides medical training.

Who we are
We are a Christian mission called by God to serve Nepali people. We are involved in health and development work with Nepal’s government, non-government organisations and local communities. 

Our vision is to see:

Nepali people in Nepal and beyond experiencing fullness of life in Jesus Christ, and serving with others to promote health, peace, justice and harmony with God and his world.

Our mission is to: 

Live out the good news of Jesus Christ in word and deed by serving Nepali people through promoting health, fighting poverty and social injustice, working with and encouraging churches, and caring for creation.

What we do
Our district-based, integrated programmes include:

  • hospital and rehabilitation services for people with disabilities
  • health and development programmes with marginalised communities
  • medical camps
  • assistance for organisations working for people with disabilities
  • HIV / AIDS education, testing, counselling and care
  • work among displaced people
  • TB and leprosy clinics

We second personnel into government institutions and other organisations to provide health services training. We encourage Nepali churches, and work among the Nepali diaspora.

The INF family
There are six members of the INF family: 

INF finds, trains and supports expatriate volunteers to work with INF Nepal and several other partner organisations, including Nepali government health and training institutions. It has a vision to develop in two new areas: firstly, strengthening Nepali Christian institutions through leadership development and organisational support; and secondly, reaching out to some of the ten million Nepali-speaking people outside Nepal, including labourers in Malaysia and the Gulf, sex workers in Indian cities and successful immigrants in Western countries. The board of INF acts as the global co-ordination forum for the different members of the INF family.

INF Nepal is a national non-government organisation which implements a range of health and development programmes in western Nepal. It has a staff of about 320 Nepalis and 20 expatriate volunteers. It works in TB and leprosy control, community health and development, hospital and rehabilitation services for people with disabilities, drug awareness / rehabilitation and HIV / AIDS education, counselling and care. INF Nepal is governed by a board of senior Nepali Christians and led by a Nepali Executive Director. INF North America, INF UK, INF Australia and INF New Zealand help to resource the work of INF through the provision of people, finance and prayer. These organisations are supported by individual people who share an interest in the purpose of INF. In recent years these organisations have also begun to develop a growing vision for working with Nepali migrants in their parts of the world.

INF values
- Love God's love compels us to reach out to others
- Service Serving others, as Jesus did
- Compassion Having compassion for poor and marginalised people
- Forgiveness Having forgiveness for each other
- Equality Treating people equally, as all have equal worth
- Justice Seeking justice, especially for poor and marginalised people
- Reconciliation Striving for right relationships between people and God
- Honesty Being honest as an organisation and as individuals
- Excellence Striving for excellence in our work
- Joy Being joyful because of our relationship with God
- Hope Bringing hope to hopeless people

Historical background
INF is an interdenominational and international Christian mission that exists to encourage and strengthen the Nepali church and to serve Nepali people. The vision for this work began in India in the 1930s, before Nepal was open to outside people or influences.

When the country opened up in 1952, a small group of medical missionaries and Nepali friends walked north from the Indian border to the Pokhara valley, setting up a clinic and a few years later the ‘Shining Hospital’ – the first hospital in the west of Nepal.


Annual Review

The 44-page 2012-2013 INF Annual Review gives full details of INF’s work in Nepal in: community health and development; community based rehabilitation; leprosy; tuberculosis; HIV/AIDS and substance abuse; spinal cord injury; health services support; nutrition; and medical camps. In addition, there are details of INF's 'Partnership Programme' and 'Diaspora Initiative'. The Review is available from the downloads section of this web site as a PDF file. Click here to download the Review.

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