The INF web site was:

  • designed by Frank & Dixon in Australia and the Communications Department in the INF Worldwide office in Nepal
  • user-tested by Optimal Usability in New Zealand

The following people contributed to the development of the INF web site:

  • Hugh Belshaw, UK
  • Reinhold Betz, Germany
  • Ian Bissett, New Zealand
  • Raphael Briskie, Australia
  • Rowan Butler, Australia
  • Mike Chisholm, New Zealand
  • Ji Hwan Choi, South Korea
  • Richard Clark, UK
  • Philip Cockrell, New Zealand
  • Jeyson Cordeiro, Brazil
  • Chris Dixon, Australia
  • Marius Doornenbal, Netherlands
  • Mark Evans, UK
  • Jutta Frank, Germany
  • Deependra Gautam, Nepal
  • Martin Gonzalez, Mexico
  • Martin Hickey, UK
  • Sarah Jung, South Korea
  • Richard Kerr, New Zealand
  • Mark Kiser, USA
  • Wayne McFetridge, Australia
  • Graham Morrison, Australia
  • John Reynolds, UK
  • Dave Stevens, Canada
  • Clive Thomas, UK
  • Matt Watson, New Zealand
  • Ali Wilkinson, UK
  • John Wilson, UK

The INF web site is dedicated to Tim Frank:

‘God deserves the best advertising'

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