INF Nepal

INF Nepal is a Nepali Christian non-government organisation, registered with the Nepal government's Social Welfare Council, which serves Nepali people through health and development work.

INF Nepal aims to demonstrate God's love and concern, and restore people's relationships with God, each other and creation - so they can live dignified lives to the full. INF Nepal aims to honour God by bringing sustainable improvements in health and quality of life, and peace and harmony in communities. INF Nepal's focus is on the poor and disadvantaged, including those affected by stigmatising diseases [such as leprosy, TB and HIV/AIDS], the disabled, and marginalised groups [such as women, displaced people, and those in remote areas].

INF Nepal has its Central Office in Pokhara, Nepal's second-largest city, and runs six programmes based in Nepal's Baglung, Banke, Dang, Jumla, Kapilvastu, Mugu, Pokhara and Surkhet Districts
Prem_Subedi_47_-_Version_2.jpgThe INF Nepal Executive Director is Dr Ganga Datta (Prem) Subedi.

INF Nepal is governed by a board of senior Nepali Christians which normally meets four times a year. The INF Nepal board chairman is Mr Ram Chandra Timothy.

INF Nepal board members are as follows:

  • Ram Chandra Timothy [Chairman]
  • Rajendra Kumar [Raju] Adhikari [Vice-Chairman]
  • Dhana Lama [Treasurer]
  • Dhan Maya Gurung [Secretary]
  • Ved Bdr. [David] Tamang
  • Karisma Bhattarai
  • Narendra Baral
  • Jyoti Ramdam
  • Sumitra Gurung

INF Nepal employs 370 Nepali staff, and 20 expatriate volunteer mission workers seconded from INF International.

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INF Paluwa Baglung Programme

Based in Paluwa, this programme cares for people affected by HIV/AIDS. The programme supports Baglung Hospital in providing quality and effective HIV/AIDS services such as:

  • Anti-Retroviral treatment [ARVT/ART]
  • Opportunity infection [OIs] treatment
  • Voluntary counselling and testing [VCT]
  • Prevention of Mother to child transmission [PMTCT],
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection [STIs] treatment for people at risk and people living with HIV/AIDS.

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INF Banke Programme
Based in Nepalgunj, this programme serves the people of Banke and Bardiya Districts in the Terai plain area of mid-western Nepal and includes:

  • A 10-bed leprosy referral clinic
  • Community Health and development work
  • Community Based rehabilitation work
  • HIV prevention and care
  • Seasonal Migration support work
  • Support for the government's Bheri Zonal Hospital

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INF Dang Programme
Based in Ghorahi, this programme serves people in the Rapti Zone of Nepal's Mid Western Region, one of the least-served areas of the country. The Rapti Zone includes Terai plain districts and middle-hill districts, and has been severely affected by conflict. The programme includes:

  • A 14-bed care and support centre for people with leprosy, TB and other disabling conditions
  • Community rehabilitation for people with disabilities
  • Assistance for displaced people
  • Community health and development work

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INF Jumla Programme
Based in the main centre of the remote Jumla District, this programme includes:

  • A 15-bed TB and leprosy clinic
  • A 6-bed nutrition centre for malnourished children
  • Community health and development and rehabilitation work
  • Support for government health posts and the district hospital

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INF Kapilvastu Programme
Based in Taulihawa, this programme provides community health work in five village areas and community development work in two village areas.

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INF Mugu Programme
Based in Gamgadhi, this programme in Nepal's poorest district includes:

  • Community health and development work
  • Assistance for economic migrants travelling to and from India

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INF Pokhara
Based around Pokhara are several of INF's flagship programmes including:

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  • The INF Ear Hospital and Training Centre, specialising in educating and treating people with ear disease and deafness and training local medical staff. Construction is currently underway.

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INF Surkhet Programme
Based in Birendranagar, this programme serves people in the middle-hill districts of Surkhet, Jajarkot and Dailekh, and the whole Mid Western Region through its leprosy centre. The programme includes:

  • The 26-bed Leprosy and Disability Referral Centre which provides inpatient care for patients with severe leprosy-related complications and patients with general disabilities [mostly spinal cord injuries]
  • The Surkhet Rehabilitation Centre; an Orthopædic unit and a therapy department providing intensive physio- and occupational therapy for in- and outpatients
  • The Hospital Support Section which develops district-level doctors' skills in obstetric and gynæcological treatment, supports the Mid Western Regional Hospital and conducts an annual fistula camp
  • The Community Health and Development Section, which facilitates community development [mainly through a participatory approach] and strengthens local health services [particularly mother and child health care]

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Medical camps
INF Nepal medical camps in remote areas provide surgical, dental, gynaecological and ear treatment to around 4,000 people each year.

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 INF Nepal is grateful to the many churches and individuals around the world who help to fund its work. Donor organisations include:

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