Ben’s Fundraiser

I will write stories & other short pieces to raise funds for INF’s COVID-19 response

$250.00 donated
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I’m not fast. I’m not strong. I tire easily. So, I’m raising funds for International Nepal Fellowship [Nepal’s longest-serving international non-government organisation] by writing new, sponsored stories, reviews, answering-machine messages and surrealist/revisionist historical musings.

Every donation will spark a new piece of writing and all proceeds will go towards INF’s response to the coronavirus pandemic in Nepal to help them:

  • prevent, control and treat any cases of COVID-19 through INF’s hospitals & health services
  • educate and inform the community about health and hygiene
  • provide food relief and other support to the vulnerable.
Will you help me help the people of Nepal during this difficult time?

[You can sample my writing at Conspiracy of Words]

Husband of Lyndall, father of Gabe & Jake, Christian, activist, author, game designer & player. Ben is currently employed as the CEO of INF Australia.