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Formed in 2007, INF North America is based in Omaha, Nebraska. Formed in 2014, INF Canada is based in Calgary, Alberta.

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INF/NA and INF/CA aim to gather people, prayer and a purse to close the gaps on the front lines of INF work in Nepal. We actively recruit, and send both short and long-term missionaries and interns to the field. INF/NA and INF/CA also raise financial and prayer support for INF’s work in Nepal. INF/NA is registered throughout the USA as a ‘non-profit’ organization, making it eligible for tax-deductible donations. INF/CA is registered as a charitable organization in Canada, allowing for tax-deductible donations in Canada as well. INF/NA is involved in ministry among the thousands of Nepali people now living and working in the USA and Canada, notably ethnic Nepali refugees from Bhutan.

INF North America members include:
INF North America board members include:
  • Min Thapa, US-Nepali former church leader in Nepal and current ITEEN leader in US
  • Hom Neupane, US-Nepali former Director of Patan Hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Jude Lui [Treasurer], Certified Public Accountant
An INF North America Board of Reference was formed in 2008 which includes:
  • George Verwer, founder of the Christian mission Operation Mobilization
  • Philip Yancey, the well-known US writer
INF Canada board members includes:
  • Brent Epp
  • Colleen Van de Walle
  • Sean Campbell

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Postal address: PO Box 27947 Omaha NE 68127 United States of America