Human Resources Advisor
The effective recruitment, deployment and support of expatriate mission personnel in Nepal are vital for INF’s ministry. We’re looking for an experienced advisor, preferably with HR experience, who can help us to support, nurture and develop our team of amazing mission personnel.

The Pokhara Study Centre [PSC] and Kathmandu International Study Centre [KISC] are seeking teachers and support staff who are passionate about transforming education with the love of Christ and serving the missionary community in Nepal.

Marketing / Media / Communication Specialist
Do you have the communication and media skills to inspire and motivate others? Are you interested in sharing your skills to build the capacity of others? If so, our communication department needs you.

Green Pastures Hospital in Pokhara is looking for an expatriate anaesthetist to work in the hospital and train up a Nepali counterpart.

Rehabilitation Physician / Doctor
Green Pastures Hospital in Pokhara is looking for a physiotherapist to help support the expansion of its rehabilitation work.

Fundraiser / Donor Relations Advisor
INF likes to maintain a high standard of reporting and is always looking for new donors to be a part of our work in Nepal. INF needs someone to introduce best practice and to mentor Nepali staff to grow in this area.

Clinical Psychologist
Green Pastures Hospital is looking for a psychologist with an interest in developing the vision to provide holistic care for our patients.



Communications Team
We are looking for people to help support a lively and creative team who develop and deliver through a range of media, material to support and enhance INF’s ability to communicate and interact effectively with its various audiences. So if you have skills in website design, photography, video or writing stories then let us know

Primary School Teachers
Our INF expatriate families love being here and contributing to the work in Nepal. In order to do this, we really need teachers to join our team in teaching small tutorial groups in a Christian environment

Medical Electives—Tansen Hospital
Their elective programme offers a 6-week minimum placement, allowing students to be involved first-hand in a setting very different than what they are used to

Medical Electives—Green Pastures Hospital
Green Pastures hospital in Pokhara was opened in 1957 as a leprosy hospital. It has now broadened its scope, helping people with all kinds of disability. It now provides in- and out-patient leprosy services, reconstructive surgery, nursing care, laboratory services, counselling and health education, in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation including orthopaedic appliances, physiotherapy and occupation therapy. It provides beds for patients with leprosy and other disabilities, many of whom are too poor to afford treatment.

Medical work at Green Pastures Hospital
The work at GPH includes treatment and rehabilitation for people living with leprosy, spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities and extends to reconstructive surgery, palliative care and specialist ear care. We are looking for people to come and help using their medical skills in the areas we work in for a minimum of three months of commitment.

INF has internship opportunities for up to a year. This is the opportunity to serve with INF in Nepal in areas that compliment the person’s training and skills but also support the work of INF. This is the opportunity to better understand language and culture learning as well as experiencing mission hands-on with support and mentoring from national and expat partners

Student Ministry
An opportunity exists to help out with student ministry in Nepal. This would be from one to two months helping with training events and staff development.

Teaching If you are interested in ESL teaching from one month or more, then we have some opportunities working alongside Nepali organisations.


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