With long-standing experience in Community Based Rehabilitation [CBR] INF is strategically placed to bring long term recovery and rehabilitation to those affected by the April 2015 earthquakes.  INF is continuing work in the Gorkha District to help rebuild earthquake affected communities while addressing post-earthquake needs of people with disabilities. The prime focus of the Gorkha Rehabilitation and Community Empowerment [GRACE] project is to help re-build communities following the earthquake while facilitating rehabilitation of people with disabilities to regain normal lives, further empowering them to attain self-independence and to enable them to be capable of self-advocacy.

This month INF has handed over the first two earthquake resistant and disabled-friendly houses to Om Bahadur’s [read story here] and Nisan’s families.

Nisan [18] was born with cerebral palsy into a poor, rural family. He has struggled in the daily activities of life, not only needing to rely on crutches and a walker to carry out routine activities, but having to battle with a negative attitude towards his lack of ability to walk and play like his peers. Although Nisan’s family did all they could to support him, he has faced barriers at home, at school and in the community with the lack of accessible toilet facilities, kitchens and entranceways and a lack of awareness to know how to seek modifications.

Nisan says, “The day of 25 April 2015 was worse for me than others because the earthquake destroyed my old house. My walker and crutches were damaged in the collapse and my disability ID card was buried by debris in the house. I could not run away and was trapped alone in the house. We lost all our food and utensils and had to stay with a neighbour”.

Prior to the earthquake, Nisan had joined the Nepal Disabled Upliftment Society [N-DUS] Self-Help Group, facilitated with the support of INF Nepal. There he learnt from a community worker about support for people with disabilities, such as the assistance available from referral centres and the facilities that the government provides to those with disabilities.

The Self-Help Group recommended Nisan’s family for assistance in the re-construction their house. INF Nepal contributed to the building of a disabled-friendly home, with donations of wood received from the local forest users group and labour from the local community. Last week the Chief District Officer of Parbat and Buddhi Thapa, INF’s Community Director, officially handed over the new disabled friendly house to Nisan’s family. He says, “We are very grateful to INF, who played a vital role in rehabilitation for me in my community.”

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To watch the video coverage [in Nepali] of the house handover programmes on one of the national news channels click here.