Purna Bahadur is from Salyan district in Western Nepal. He and his family live and work on the Green Pastures complex in Pokhara. After being diagnosed with leprosy INF staffs have not only provided lasting treatment for Purna but also, a sustainable livelihood.

Purna had a mark on his back for many years but didn’t know he had leprosy. He tried various medications but soon the mark became a wound that spread to his hands. He travelled to hospitals across Nepal and India until finally a friend recommended Green Pastures Hospital.

At Green Pastures he was diagnosed with leprosy and began treatment. His wounds healed and he no longer has marks on his body from the disease.

Unsure of how he would provide for his family INF staff discovered Purna had skills that could be used on the farm at the Green Pastures Complex. His family moved into a small house and he’s now responsible for growing vegetables and breeding chickens and rabbits.

Purna is grateful for the holistic care he has received at Green Pastures and the opportunity for ongoing employment.

INF has been working to eradicate leprosy and rehabilitate those affected by the disease since its inception in 1952. [https://www.inf.org/our-work/leprosy/]