INF is making sure those with a disability get the best care on the ground in their own communities. Ten Community Facilitators working in Gorkha, the epicentre of the 2015 earthquakes, have just completed INF’s three-month Community Based Rehabilitation Therapy [CBRT] training.

Each Community Facilitator has learnt how to properly identify disabilities, provide basic rehabilitation in the community environment as well as how to advocate for individuals and their families. The training program included four weeks of theory on disability and rehabilitation; one month of community exposure and a final month spent gaining clinical experience at Green Pastures Hospital in Pokhara.

Participants will now return to their communities and work alongside INF initiated Self-Help Groups in the area. They will also work closely with government and non-governmental agencies to help improve the lives of those with a disability in their own community.

Community facilitators play a crucial role in the success of INF’s Gorkha Rehabilitation And Community Empowerment project [GRACE]. The GRACE project was established to meet the needs of people whose lives, homes and community were devastated by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck on 25th April 2015.