INF Nepal has been supporting and collaborating with the local, provincial, and central governments to manage the Coronavirus situation in the country. One of our latest collaborations is to promote the federal government’s vaccination campaign by raising awareness among the general public. The introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine is a major step toward containing the spread of the Coronavirus and protecting the individuals. INF Nepal is seeking to support the Nepal Government’s effort in COVID-19 vaccines roll-out in Nepal through this campaign.

COVID Vaccination is a must and yet another tool in our arsenal to stay safe from the disease itself. Through this message, we want to build up the general public’s trust in the vaccine intake while equally ensuring their understanding and acceptance.
Building on this, we also want to promote the precautionary measures for COVID-19 that focus on adopting the appropriate behavioural practices such as the SMS [Social distancing, Masks, Sanitising/Hand Washing] so that people are well informed before and post-vaccination.

Here is a product of our sincere effort – a video we made together with Dhurmush and Suntali, one of the prominent household couple names in the Nepali art industry, especially in the comedy genre. The couple is also known for their social work through their foundation.