It is fantastic to be able to share with you our new INF website, we hope you are inspired by it!

I have been greatly inspired in the process of putting it all together as God has clearly been at work, providing an expert team and supporting the development around many twists and turns. After getting off to a slow start the development of the INF website has been a series of amazing stories interspersed, of course, by lots of plain old hard work, I’d like to share just some of those stories with you…

Early on in the project, Professor of Digital Marketing, Peter [with many years of experience of the online world] volunteered his services and helped us work up a design brief – Thank you so much Peter for all your wise advice.

Carl, an old friend of INF, offered his time to help managing some of the international aspect of this project – thanks mate!

Matt, a member of our Communications Department based in New Zealand with many years of web design experience, then began the long job of designing a site that would do all that we wanted – A genius who has been juggling many jobs!

Along the way Matt drew in various people to help with different technical bits, but notable are Ben, Ross and Gareth [coding experts] who all gave their services at much reduced rates – thank you guys! At one point Ben could no longer free-lance for us as his employer needed him full-time, but promptly then told him he could spend a percentage of his days working for a charity – Thank you “Rabid” for your generosity!

As the site came together, other members of INF’s Comms and IT Depts became increasingly involved to assist with finding the right words and pictures, checking pages and testing links – Thank you Kylie, Arun, Rowan, Sangita, Clive and Ashish.

And after the “soft launch”, earlier this week, seven additional testers volunteered their time, including four professional web developers [one specialising in “front ends”, another in testing IT systems], and one blind accessibility tester – Thank you all so much!

I have been involved in many INF projects over the years, and yet I don’t think I can remember one where it was so obvious that God was helping in the background. I know He’s always there, working with us, seeking to bring about His good plans, but on this occasion, He showed His hand many times. So, after saying thanks to all those who have responded to God’s call and offered their time and skill, I want to thank God who provides everything we need, and so much more – yet another practical example of “life in all its fullness”.

James []

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