INF humanitarian aid trust

Great NewsINF New Zealand has set up a trust that can receive funds for INF projects in Nepal and any money given for these projects can receive tax-rebates through the New Zealand government. It has been a long process to be able to get this eligibility but we are now able to give people tax-rebates for money given to INF projects.

There is a vast list of projects that INF is involved with and that INF New Zealand promotes. These include the GRACE Project [earthquake relief], Smokeless StovesGreen Pastures Hospital, Poor Fund, Education Support, Empowering Women, Get a Life and many more. For details about all the project work, INF is involved with click here.

Click here to know more about HAT.

If you give money to INF projects or would like to start giving money to our projects then you are eligible for tax rebates. For more information please contact the INF New Zealand Director at or +64 027 220 3931.