As a response to the current COVID crisis, INF Nepal has started to implement some of the precautionary measures. These are listed as follows:

  • Reducing the exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace, such as limiting interpersonal interaction, encouraging flexible and virtual working space, including work from home modality.
  • Introducing the “Get Well Soon Package” for the COVID infected staff to address their immediate need for isolation and boost their morale as a part of staff care.
  • Providing comprehensive and coordinated information to staff on preventive health and hygiene measures, staff care support and prayers. Coordinating the regular check-ins with staff at high risk of infection, those infected and isolated for the benefit of psychological and physical well-being.
  • Ensure the provision of required supplies and equipment to safely diagnose and treat patients at our hospitals and stock essential health and hygiene supplies in all of INF’s work stations.
  • We have placed our staff’s safety, financial and psychological aspects at high priority, and our resources will be used accordingly. We are also looking into how best we can support staff during an emergency, such as the hospitalisation of staff or immediate family members, by providing financial access as per need.
  • Mapping out the geographical distribution of impacts of COVID on individuals and communities health and economic status in our working areas to tailor the response work. Similarly, our project teams and Quality Assurance Department teams are revisiting our project activities to make them more COVID specific and to the immediate needs of communities.
  • COVID preparation and response proposal task group have been formed. The task group will analyse the needs and prepare the combined proposal to address the COVID preparedness and response plan.
  • Fever clinics and telemedicine services at GPH are operational. We are setting up the isolation wards in all of our three hospitals: Green Pastures, Shining Hospitals in Banke and Surkhet, for staff emergency care.
  • Ambulance services and vehicles are on standby and operational in all of our hospitals.