More than a thousand locals in the remote village of Laxmanpur in Banke, Western Nepal, have received medical treatment during a three-day INF outreach camp in the community.

Laxmanpur is hard to reach, isolated because the road in is rough and mostly accessible by foot. Health and hygiene have been a low priority for families struggling to put food on the table. The local health post has no doctor and even basic medicines are scarce. When residents need more urgent medical care poverty often prevents them from travelling to hospital.

After conducting an initial health assessment in Laxmanpur INF decided to run a three-day medical outreach camp from April 23 – 25. Organised in collaboration with the local health department and rural municipality, two local doctors from Nepalgunj Bheri Hospital lead the outreach team.

Over the three days 1,306 villagers received medical help, one was diagnosed with leprosy and 22 had teeth extracted.

INF has been committed to running medical outreach camps for 25 years to remote and rural areas of Nepal.