Deepak lives in Bheriganga, Surkhet, with his wife and two children. Despite having grown up in a low caste [Dalit] and having had little educational opportunity he worked hard to provide for his family. Along with many other Nepalis, Deepak travelled to India to find work but returned in 2011 and began a construction job in the nearby district of Dang.

An accident on the construction site saw Deepak fall from the roof and badly damage his spinal cord. He was unable to walk and was transferred between various hospitals in Dang, Nepalgunj and Kathmandu. Rehabilitation was slow but eventually Deepak was given a wheelchair giving him some independence.

After returning home it became obvious Deepak’s small house was difficult to move around in with his wheelchair. His family built a separate toilet for Deepak outside however it was makeshift, built with sackcloth, and still challenging to maneuver his wheelchair in and out of.

While adjusting back into family life Deepak heard about INF Surkhet and their work with people with disabilities. After contacting INF, staff visited Deepak in his home and assessed his situation. The INF team worked with Deepak and determined to build a disability friendly toilet, a ramp for the house and concrete floors.

“They started work that same day,” says Deepak. “ I was very happy and excited.”

“Thanks to the cemented floor there is now no problem for me to get around my house and I have easy access to the toilet.”

Deepak’s family contributed financially to the work but INF covered the majority of the costs. Deepak has recently opened a small shop, a butcher and is also selling hens. The money he earns through his small businesses has enabled him to provide for his family as well as giving him a real sense of hope for their future.

“I attend a disability committee meeting every month,” says Deepak. “I am very grateful to INF Surkhet for creating a safe and positive environment for me and for making my life so much easier.”