Twenty-two year-old Pareshwor Devkota is from a farming family of eight in Palpa, Western Nepal. Providing for the family was an ongoing struggle so four years ago Pareshwor decided to try and find work abroad. Tragically an accident just prior to his departure changed the course of his life.

While cutting down fodder for the animals from a tree Pareshwor fell and broke his leg. He was immediately taken to the Tansen Mission Hospital where he had surgery on the fractured leg. His recovery seemed to be going well until he discovered his was unable to control his urine.

His family was frustrated and he was eventually referred to Dr Deepak from INF’s Green Pastures Hospital. After consultation and a CT scan of his spinal cord Dr Deepak determined he would need further surgery to restore his urine and bowl movement. Pareshwor’s families were already struggling and could not pay for surgery. They paid what they could and INF covered the majority of the costs.

After the surgery Pareshwor used a wheelchair but after regular sessions with the physiotherapists he was able to use crutches to become more independent. Two weeks after the operation he was able to control his urine.

Pareshwor is very thankful to INF that he is now able to support his family again and work towards living a productive and independent life.