This week INF Australia [INF/A] is spreading the word on smokeless stoves. INF/A has been invited by the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students to be one of four organisations in their “ACT NOW” area at a training event, to be attended by over 1000 students this weekend in Canberra, Australia.

INF/A has elected to support an initiative of Self-Help Groups [SHGs] in INF’s Climate Change project in Rolpa District, raising funds for Smokeless Stoves.  SHGs in the project area have identified that there is a huge dependence on and use of firewood within the community resulting in noticeable deforestation.  The smokeless iron stoves they are requesting not only increase fuel efficiency by up to 60%, therefore slowing deforestation, but mean less time is spent collecting firewood allowing more time for women and girls to earn an income or attend school. Fuel efficient stoves are also cleaner burning, reducing indoor smoke and health-related impacts such as respiratory illnesses, eye and ear infections, heart disease and low birth weights. Moving away from the traditional open fires also reduces burn injuries in babies and young children.

Inspired? You too can be involved in this project by subsidising a smokeless stove for a family in Rolpa. Each Nepali-manufactured iron stove, including training on construction and maintenance, costs approximately US$100 to purchase, transport and install.

Please visit to contribute and then share with your friends and family the difference you have just made in these people’s efforts to adapt to climate change.