Fifty-one year’s Bina* had to go through her worst fears as the country went to lockdown once again as the second wave of COVID-19 was engulfing the nation. For a single mother of a young son with special needs, the pandemic is an unending burden.

This is a story about Bina. She is from Dumrigaira, one of the remote places of the Dang district. She lives with her 21-year- old son, who is physically disabled. She owns a small farming land and engages herself in agriculture and low-paying, menial work to earn a living and provide for her son.

From the very beginning of the lockdown, Bina experienced hardships as the source of her daily income closed down suddenly. For the initial few days, she somehow managed with her savings, but as the lockdown is extending, she faces the real challenges of providing for her son and meeting their daily needs.

“I can no longer earn. My income has stopped. This means no income for food and other amenities for my household. My struggle feels unending, and all this while, I worry what will happen to us tomorrow.”

Many single women-led households like Bina face unique challenges as they raise their children with special needs during COVID-19.

Your support will enable us to reach out to many individuals and families like Bina. Our objective at this hour is to protect and care for the most vulnerable people, delivering vital support and providing direct relief to people with disabilities and their families whose life has been hit the hardest.

  • $19 can provide a hygiene kit and general medicines during self-isolation.
  • $20 can provide crutches to people with disability.
  • $42 can provide food parcels for a family impacted by COVID for a month.
  • $100 can provide transportation support to PWDs for vaccination.
  • $300 can provide a wheelchair to a poor and needy individual.

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*Name changed for anonymity