Budhhiman B.K.’s life has been shattered on more than one occasion. A bad accident left him unable to walk, and the 2015 earthquake that struck Nepal destroyed his family home. Three years on he is learning to walk again and INF has helped him rebuild his house.

The farmer from Gorkha worked in the field to provide for his family but also took on work as a carpenter in the local village. While working on the land Budhhiman had a fall and badly hurt his right leg. He cried out for help and was eventually found by someone from the village but he was unable to stand up.

First taken to Chitwan for treatment, then to Kathmandu, he was finally given the devastating news his leg would need to be amputated. Budhhiman broke down at the thought of never walking again. He had dreamt he would walk again but knew in that moment he would be unable to afford prosthesis.

When INF began its work in Gorkha after the 2015 earthquake through the GRACE Project INF decided to focus on assisting those with disabilities. Budhhiman met INF staff who transferred him to Green Pastures Hospital in Pokhara. There he was given treatment, care and an artificial limb.

Budhhiman has begun learning to walk again, he has returned to work and continues his carpentry to provide for the family. INF was also able to support the rebuilding of his house that had been destroyed during the earthquake.

“INF has made my dream of walking again a reality,” says Buddhiman.