Medical Surgical Outreach

Since 1993, INF’s Medical and Surgical Outreach programme [formerly “Camps”] has been sending healing and hope to the furthest corners of Nepal. Groups of specialist doctors from different countries come at their own cost, to run medical and surgical outreach programmes in some of the most inaccessible regions of Nepal.

Clients regularly walk a number of days to register as patients, willing to sleep outside in a queue overnight for the chance of a consultation.

An average INF Outreach lasts about two weeks, treating several hundred outpatients and often performing over a hundred operations. Short-term volunteers from around the world [including Nepal] come together with Nepali colleagues to carry out surgical, dental, gynaecological, ear and other types of outreach. The outreach programme not only provides services to poor and marginalised people but also provides an opportunity for the visiting doctors to transfer their skills to Nepali doctors.
Two-year old Binod [name changed] is just one of many stories that we could share of the work accomplished during Outreaches. It would normally be unusual for such a young child to develop bladder stones but with poor nutrition and his parents not understanding the importance of hydration, led to Binod developing them very early in life. His parents bought him to a general surgical camp in Rolpa where the Outreach team performed a successful operation to remove the stones. What could have been a potentially long term and painful condition for Binod was able to be fully treated.

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  • 1993 – When INF began medical and surgical camps


  • 4 – Number of camps run in 2013-14


  • 4,449 – Number of Nepali people treated at camps in 2013-14


  • 510 – Number of surgeries conducted at camps in 2013-14



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Each year INF medical camps in poor communities in Nepal treat thousands of people. This film shows an ear camp in Nepal’s remote Dolpa District. A team of volunteers treated 700 patients in a week, performing 80 operations.


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