Leaving a legacy or bequest

It is an honour for INF to be able to receive financial gifts bequested in wills.

The legal requirements for gifts of legacy and bequests vary from country to country so it is advisable to seek the advice of a Solicitor if you wish to gift part or all of your estate to INF.

If you do not already have a will, ‘do it yourself’ will kits are easily available in most countries. If you do already have a will and would like to amend it to include a gift to INF this is possible without having to rewrite the entire will. Simply fill in a Codicil and add it to your paperwork. Again, consultation with a Solicitor is highly recommended.

Download the Codicil: USA  Canada  Australia  New Zealand

Gifts can be designated as general or directed towards individualised areas of work, please be assured that INF will honour any requests outlined and use funds as directed in your documentation.  We do need to note that we will do our best, but if the nature of work changes, or is fully funded, then alternatives may need to be sought.

For further information as to how best to set up a bequest or if you have any questions please contact the INF office in your country of residence. INF OFFICE

Thank you for considering giving to INF in this way, your generosity ensures that we can continue to bring life in all its fullness to Nepal’s poor and marginalised.