INF Offices

There are seven members in the INF family.

INF in Nepal

INF is an international and interdenominational family of Christian organisations that have been serving some of the poorest people and communities in Nepal for 65 years.

INF Nepal

INF Nepal is our main implementing organisation, working across the poorer western half of Nepal. INF Nepal’s clinical team run three hospitals that provide high-quality care for people with stigmatising disabilities including leprosy, obstetric fistula, cerebral palsy and spinal cord injury. In addition to first class medical care, our holistic approach supports patients pastorally, socially and economically. We have a dedicated community disability team that supports people with disability to live dignified and fulfilled lives in their communities. We have ambitious plans to develop our three hospitals as national centres of excellence in disability care.

INF Nepal’s community development team empowers poor communities to envision a better future and to work together to tackle the roots and symptoms of poverty. Our dedicated field staff live among the people they serve for five years, building trust, respect and a detailed understanding of the local context. Our approach is based on helping local people to identify and use their own assets and skills rather than becoming dependent on outsiders. Common activities include installing clean drinking water systems, improved sanitation, adult literacy, improving local health posts, co-operative savings schemes, mother and child health, improved farming and building skills for local advocacy.

INF Nepal also has a dedicated disaster response and resilience team that enables us to respond rapidly to disasters but which also helps communities to develop resilience to these disasters.

INF Nepal has a staff of over 400 Nepalis and 20 International volunteer technical advisors.

Krishna Adhikari
Executive Director, INF Nepal
T +977 [0]61 520 111
INF International [INF/I]

INF International [INF/I] supports the work of INF Nepal through international funding, donor development and the placement of international technical advisors who work as volunteers in the fields of health, community development, disability and organisational development.

INF/I has its official head office in Sydney, Australia and a country office in Kathmandu.

Chris Drew
Nepal Country Office Director, INF International
T +977 [0]1 552 1183

INF around the world



Resourcing INF’s work with prayer support, funding, and volunteer workers to serve alongside Nepali colleagues.
T +44 [0]121 472 2425


INF Australia

Inspiring Aussies to help bring about ‘fullness of life’ for the most marginalised people in Nepal.
T +61 [0]2 9411 1195

INF Australia

INF New Zealand

Encouraging Kiwis to get involved through praying, giving, serving and sharing our stories.
T +64 027 220 3931

INF New Zealand

INF in the USA

A network of supporters across the USA who support INF’s work through giving and prayer.

INF North America

INF Canada

Raising awareness of INF across Canada, stimulating prayer and encouraging service.

INF North America


All members in the INF family subscribe to and follow INF’s values. We also work alongside the Nepali government and with join with partner organisations from around the world.