Honourable Member of the House of Representatives of the Federal Parliament of Nepal, Mrs Bidhya Bhattarai, paid a visit to Green Pastures Hospital on 14th January 2023.

Mrs Bhattarai was greeted with warm hospitality as she and other guests visited the Green Pastures Hospital. Mrs Bhattarai was given a tour of the hospital and was briefed about the INF’s 70 years of service in Nepal by Executive Director Krishna Adhikari.

INF Nepal’s Medical Services Director, Dr Arun Budha, presented the organisation’s critical role in the health sector in the western half of Nepal. He highlighted various programmes and services that INF provides through its hospitals to improve the health of Nepal’s poor and disadvantaged people and communities.

The INF leadership team shared the organisation’s future development plans for Green Pastures Hospital. They shared their vision of transforming the hospital into a state-of-the-art multispecialty facility and a Centre of Excellence in disability management and prevention. The team also stated the importance of collaboration among the government and other relevant stakeholders in improving healthcare in the region.

“I am delighted to visit this hospital and meet with the dedicated healthcare professionals at Green Pastures Hospital,” said Mrs Bhattarai. She added, “INF’s work in leprosy treatment and disability management has been remarkable.”

Mrs Bhattarai recognised the INF’s contribution to the health sector in the country. She praised the work of INF in providing quality healthcare services to the most vulnerable and underserved populations. She also assured the team that she would support INF’s efforts in any way she could.

Ward Chairperson of Pokhara-15, Mr Toran Baniya, who was also present during the visit, highlighted INF’s contributions to the development of the health sector in Pokhara-15. “The collaboration between INF Nepal and Pokhara-15 Ward Office has always been beneficial for the local people,” Mr Baniya said.

As the visit came to a close, the INF leadership team thanked Mrs Bhattarai for her support and for taking the time to visit the hospital. They also congratulated her on her recent election from Kaski-2 and wished her a successful term serving the people.