We are deeply devastated with the news and what is unfolding of the bushfire in Australia. This bushfire is said to be the biggest recorded in history which has already engulfed half a billion animal lives, 24 people, more than 1400 homes and have already covered 13 million acres.

The time is now to act on climate change. Time is now to make the policymakers of the world hear that CLIMATE CHANGE is real, it is happening now everywhere. Its repercussions can be seen and felt everywhere from the melting icebergs of Antarctica to the melting glaciers of Himalaya, ever-growing deserts across the continents to the fire in the Amazon or in Australia. It’s never too late to save our planet. Today‚Äôs action determines the future of the planet. There is no Planet-B.


Dear Father in Heaven
We bring our request before you for you are God who hears our prayers and supplication; accept our prayer with favour and mercy. As flames burn, wreaking havoc upon Australia claiming the number of innocent lives and destroying much of your creation, bring comfort and healing to all who are suffering this loss. We pray for those who have been injured and survived; for physical and emotional trauma; for the fear and helplessness experienced, for those who have been shaken by tragedy. Surround them with a sense of your present love, and hold them in faith. We pray for courage in this place of fear; for new strength in the face of exhaustion. We pray for all involved in fighting the fire; those caring for the displaced, those bringing healing in this suffering. Bring aid to the firefighters who, by serving others, serve you. Give them courage and strength to persevere, to find the ability in the midst of this chaos to keep working for another day or hour or minute.

We bring our thoughts and prayers across all those in Australia who are facing this devastation brought by the raging fire that has been there for many days. Have compassion upon them and draw close to those harmed by these flames, hearing their cries and responding to their needs. Help us also to respond with generosity in prayer, in assistance, in aid to the best of our abilities. Lord! We pray for the rain to quench these fires and heating wave, to bring life back to this land, so that the crops may grow, life will be restored and the land may bring forth the harvest again. Lord, sustain those who work to rescue and rebuild and fill us all with the hope of your new creation in this land. God provide your wisdom to all of us including lawmakers and implementers that we all act accordingly and be a good steward to your creation and that we save our planet Earth.

We join our hearts in prayer. Lord Bless Australia and all involved.

We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen!