Health Support Services

Since its inception in 1952, INF’s mission has focussed particularly on the disadvantaged, marginalised and vulnerable. INF’s Health Support Services is one of the ways in which we see this happening.

Our main focuses are on providing expert technical assistance to government hospitals, giving financial assistance to people who cannot afford medical treatment and guiding patients through the hospital process.

In 2013-14, almost 14,000 poor and destitute clients received funds to help pay for hospital services.

One of these clients was 25 year-old Nisha who was brought unconscious to Bheri Zonal Hospital, in Nepalgunj, along with her six-year-old daughter.

Her’s is a sad story not uncommon in Nepal. Her husband contracted HIV whilst working overseas and had passed it onto her. Once her family and community found out, she and her daughter were cast out of their home and had to take shelter in the local public school. Begging near local temples became their only means of survival.

Whilst in hospital, Nisha met INF’s patient advocates Bisnu and Mina who helped by feeding her, changing her clothes and providing medicine from INF’s poor fund.

Unfortunately despite medical treatment and nursing care, her condition deteriorated and she died a short time later. After her death, Bisnu and Mina tried to find a suitable orphanage for her daughter. Eventually, one of the nurses took her home with the hope of adopting her as her own daughter.

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  • Only 1.9% of Nepal’s GDP is allocated to health services [compared to 6.2% in Australia and 8.1% in Canada and Sweden]


  • 76% of women in rural areas do not have comprehensive knowledge of HIV


  • 1976 – the year in which INF began its Health Support Services programme


  • 1,232 – number of clients that received HIV-related counselling during a 12 month period


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