Green Pastures Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre

Green Pastures Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre [GPHRC] located in Pokhara specialises in the treatment and rehabilitation of leprosy, disability, reconstructive surgery and spinal cord injury. It is the flagship of INF’s work with leprosy patients having served their needs since 1957. Today, GPHRC provides a 73-bed, tertiary level referral centre; 48 beds are for leprosy patients, and 25 beds are for the rehabilitation of patients with Spinal Cord Injury [SCI] and other forms of disability. It receives patients referred from other INF centres, hospitals and local partner organisations across western Nepal.

GPHRC runs a skin disease clinic, which helps detect new cases of leprosy and treat affected patients. This work is supported by surgery, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, health education and counselling. Surgical facilities also treat patients with SCI, post-burn contractures and club-foot deformities. The Orthopaedic Appliances Centre provides custom-made artificial limbs and mobility devices to people with disabilities.

Although leprosy was statistically ‘eliminated’ in Nepal in 2009 [using the WHO’s standard measure of less than one case per 10,000 population], INF continues to identify new cases. During the 2012-2013 financial year GPHRC diagnosed 120 new cases of leprosy. Much work is required before the disease can be fully eradicated in Nepal.

In 1975 GPHRC saw the establishment of INF's Partnership For Rehabilitation [PFR] programme. PFR helps people with disability or stigmatising disease to integrate into their communities - socially, physically and economically. PFR is based in the GPHRC complex.

You can take a virtual tour around GPHRC and check out the reception areas; courtyard; gardens; medical stores; doctors' consulting rooms and office; wards; patient accommodation; nurses station; and tea shop.

GPHRC currently faces a funding shortfall. Please click here if you would like to help GPHRC. 

For more information contact the GPHRC Superintendent.

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