Expat Recruitment Steps

Is your desire to see fullness of life for all? Is God calling you to journey with us as we work together to empower the poor and marginalised?
“Serving in Nepal has been one of the most exciting adventures of our family’s life. Don’t hesitate and miss the opportunity to let God show you His adventure for you!”

Enquire & Reflect

If you feel that you are being called to serve in Nepal with INF, we encourage you to pray that the Lord clearly reveals this to you and opens the doors as you take steps to move forward. We pray that you will know the Lord confirming His call on your life and showing you on a day to day basis that the step of faith you are making is one of obedience and one that will be fruitful.

Selection Panel


We are looking for people who:
  • Are responding to a sense of calling.
  • Are spiritually mature, willing and able to combine their faith with their professional work.
  • Are flexible [able to work outside their own culture] and teachable
  • Are sensitive to the traditions, feelings and culture of Nepalis and are committed to learning and adapting to local ways of working.
  • Are open to serving long-term, but not necessarily fixed in one place or role
  • Are ready to give their advice, but who are willing to follow the lead and direction of others.
  • Competent in their roles and have an ability to pass on, and develop, these skills in others.
  • Have compassion.
  • Are able to see the big picture / overview.
  • Are not people who have a need to “take the lead”.


There are a number of steps which can occur alongside each other and these are:
  • We need to identify an approved role for you.
  • Then you will need to start the actual application process with a sending agency, either through an INF National Office [in UK / Australia / New Zealand] or one of our sending partners. Please note: INF is unable to pay salaries to expatriate workers in Nepal.
  • Candidates must be proficient in the English language and have professional experience and qualifications [usually Master’s degree level] in the positions they are applying for.
  • All your application papers will be reviewed by a panel in Nepal. This panel will often highlight things that need to be addressed before leaving your home country. They will either provisionally accept you, or say “not now”.
  • Physical and Psychological assessments are needed.
  • Final acceptance is given by INF once all issues have been clarified.
  • Read and agree to the documents you will be sent.
  • Send INF the necessary information and prepare for your transition to Nepal – including “leaving well”.

Join us

Although you come with an individual role you will live as part of a Team. All members of teams are expected to share in the team responsibilities and to participate in team activities.

Training in the Nepali language and cultural orientation is provided for expatriate workers, differing in length depending on the duration of their assignments.

“It was hard to say goodbye, but arriving in Nepal and meeting the team was so good!”
Chris Drew