In collaboration with Rukum West’s Athbiskot Municipality, District Disaster Management Committee, and the local NGO Nepal Public Awakening Forum, INF Nepal conducted a two-day Post-Disaster Medical Health Camp in the earthquake-affected area of Aathbiskot Municipality, wards No. 10 and 13, on 23-24 November. This initiative aimed to assist the earthquake-affected people of Rukum West.

INF Nepal’s Community Medical Outreach Programme conducted the camp with the support of the medical team of INF’s Green Pastures Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre (GPH), Pokhara. Dr Dipendra Tamang, General Surgeon, led the medical team, which included Dr Sandip Baral, Medical Officer; Dorothy Das, Occupational Therapist; and DB Thapa, Prosthesis and Orthosis Technician. Together, they provided free health services to 523 patients, and 103 individuals with disabilities received assistive devices.

The camp also offered occupational therapy and psycho-social counselling to address the broader well-being of disaster-affected individuals. Fifteen patients were referred for further treatment, showcasing INF Nepal’s commitment to comprehensive care.

Honourable Narayan Prashad Acharya, Parliament Member, commended INF’s work, emphasising its dedication to serving those in need after the earthquake. Tek Bahadur Kusari, Chairperson of District Hospital Rukum, acknowledged INF for its contributions to relief and medical services.

A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal’s Jajarkot and Rukum districts at midnight on 3 November, killing at least 153 people and injuring at least 357.

In response to immediate challenges and the evolving needs of affected communities, INF Nepal remains committed to providing immediate relief items and treatment, actively contributing to long-term recovery efforts.

The organisation also seeks continued support from its partners to address the urgent needs of earthquake-affected communities.