Dillisara lives in a remote village in Jumla, a poor mountainous district in western Nepal. Married at the age of sixteen, she became a widow when she was only twenty-four years old, after her husband was killed in a bike accident. She was left with three young children to care for. It was a continual struggle to provide enough food for the whole family for the whole year.

INF began to work in her community in 2013. Dillisara joined a self-help group established by INF, though she was very shy to begin with. She would hardly speak at the meetings. However, as she continued to attend the meetings, she began to open up and gain confidence.

Members of the self-help group contributed small amounts of money each month to a group savings. After consulting her in-laws, Dillisara decided to take a fifty thousand rupee [$640] loan from the fund to start a small shop in her village.

The shop is doing well – well enough that she has been able to open another shop in the larger village nearby! That shop is run by her brother-in-law. The income she is earning is enabling her to provide for her children’s education.

Dillisara found hope through an INF self-help group in her time of greatest need. She is grateful to now be able to support her whole family on her own.


Thank God for the support INF has been able to support to vulnerable but resilient women like Dillisara. Pray for the ongoing success of her businesses and for a bright future of her children.

The changes in Dillisara’s life are the result of six years of patient and faithful work by INF staff. With the work in these communities finishing up, INF has started work in new communities in Jumla. Could you join us to journey with these communities in Jumla over the next three years, in prayer and finance? [$25 per month]. Sign up to Journey with Jumla

INF’s work in Jumla is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program.