A remarkable tale unfolds in the serene village of Lakhudanda in Bajura, nestled amidst the rugged terrain of Kordha at the foothills of Badimalika, a sacred mountain. It is the story of Gajindra Bahadur Khadka, a committed individual who was elected as the coordinator of the water tank construction committee. Their mission was to collect rainwater to grow seasonal crops, vegetables, and fruits throughout the year.

With the support of INF Nepal’s Climate Change Adaptation for Sustainable Livelihood Project, the local ward office, and the tireless efforts of the community members, a water collection tank came to life in April 2022. Gajindra recounts the immense challenges they faced while building this vital structure. Seated on a steep hill, huge rocks posed a tough challenge, making their work difficult. The sands had to be painstakingly transported up to the village from the Budhiganga River down at the bottom of the hill. Initially, neighbouring villagers scoffed at their audacity, doubting the possibility of such an endeavour.

Yet, with the support from the Project and the local government and their enduring resilience, they triumphed over hardship. Gajindra reflects, “We overcame every obstacle to construct this tank, standing as a testament to our collective perseverance.” Today, the fruits of their labour nourish the lives of 22 households. Now, bananas, oranges, rice, and a tapestry of crops thrive in the village. Gajindra joyfully shares, “This season, we have cultivated wheat, barley, potatoes, onions, and an array of grains and vegetables. Our hearts are filled with relief and a renewed hope.”

In humble gratitude, Gajindra extends his heartfelt appreciation to all who participated in this cause. “To all who lent a helping hand and eased our suffering, we offer our deepest thanks.” he gratefully acknowledges.

Gajindra’s vision extends beyond the present achievements. He envisions further growth and prosperity, longing for additional support to enhance the irrigation system. His request includes an additional 600 meters of pipes, a gate ball, and angle pipes, enabling the tank’s precious water to reach distant lands and nurture further cultivation.

As a testament to their dreams, they have already planted 600 apple trees. Gajindra emphasises the importance of providing technical training and orientation to the locals, empowering them with the necessary skills to harness the potential of the apple plantation and secure a sustainable livelihood.

Gajindra concludes by expressing his admiration for INF, “An unwavering ally to the poor, a voice for the voiceless, and a beacon of hope. INF’s compassion has traversed great distances, reaching remote villages like Kordha and tenderly soothing the wounds of those in need.”

And so, the story of Lakhudanda, Bajura continues to unfold, its triumphs resonating far and wide, carrying the spirit of resilience, community, and unwavering hope to the hearts of all who hear it.