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INF New Zealand wants to help individuals and groups partner with the people of Nepal and INF as it brings life in all its fullness to poor and marginalised communities. The Adopt-A-Project campaign is a great opportunity to directly engage with, and support one or more of the four projects INF NZ are currently focused on.

INF Nepal is now a strong Nepali led organisation with over 300 Nepali staff working across the country in community development and medical work. This, coupled with fewer short and long-term roles for expat workers, has seen a shift in the way supporters from around the world connect and engage with INF’s work.

INF NZ is encouraging people to learn more about the Adopt-A-Project and get involved.

The four projects are:

Smokeless Stoves

Many Nepalis still cook with an open fire, which has a huge effect on deforestation and health issues for Nepalis. Smokeless stoves help decrease deforestation as they are 60% more fuel efficient, enable girls to attend school rather than collecting firewood, reduce indoor smoke and therefore health issues including respiratory illnesses, heart disease, and eye and ear infections. One stove costs just $140 to build and install in Nepal.

Poor Fund

Patients in Nepal have to pay all their medical costs regardless of whether they are accessing government run hospitals or private health services. This can be incredibly expensive particularly for those living in poverty or in rural areas.

INF’s Poor Fund has helped hundreds of Nepalis with illnesses including bone infections, heart conditions, spinal cord injuries, eye problems and cerebral palsy, to access much needed medical treatment. The Poor Fund provides full, or partial, payment of expenses such as medicines, treatment, transport, assistive devices, as well as food and accommodation.

Empowering Women

Nepali women, particularly in rural and remote areas, often experience inequality and discrimination. They are less likely to complete a similar level of education to their male counterparts and are often employed in roles with lower remuneration.  Women are also at a higher risk of preventable death or disease particularly during pregnancy and childbirth. Traditionally less involved in decision-making, women are less equipped to raise awareness around their rights and influence change.

INF’s Empowering Women project seeks to increase access to justice, economic empowerment and participation in decision-making to enhance the lives of all women and encourage them to participate freely and live with dignity in society. $50 will help support the running of an INF Women’s Empowerment group.

Education Support

In Jumla in the north west of Nepal there are a group of children unable to attend school. Their families live in poverty and many of the children have a disability, which creates further barriers due to the social stigma, transportation difficulties and access issues.

INF’s Jumla Programme supports these families so their children can attend school. INF pays their school fees, uniforms and books as well as additional assistance for children with a disability. This includes assistive devices and access related infrastructure modifications. Extra funds contribute to the salaries of two project staff members who work with the families. $30 pays for one child’s education for a month.

For more information on the Adopt-A-Project campaign click here or contact the INF NZ Director at

You can also donate directly to any of these four projects here by selecting New Zealand and then choosing which project you would like to partner with.