Given the rising number of Covid-19 cases in the country, INF is focusing on supporting the Government of Nepal with additional resources needed to scale up the preventive measures and for the management of the quarantine and health facilities in INF’s working areas. INF in support with its partner Tearfund has supplied much-needed medical assistance and hygiene kits in Bajura district. Twenty beds were supported to the isolation centre established near the District Hospital in Martadi of Badimalika RM. Additionally, 50 sets of Personal Protective Equipment [PPE], 200 pieces of N95 masks, 2000 sets of disposable latex gloves, 5 Infrared Thermometers, few numbers of tents, and hand wash toiletries were also handed over to the local municipal authorities.

Besides this, a total of 215 families from Badimalika Municipality were provided with rations and hygiene kits under the direct observation and coordination of local authorities. Each family was provided with the full package of food items including rice, lentils, salt, sugar and cooking oil.

Our Bajura office is also disseminating public awareness messages regarding COVID-19 personal hygiene and mensuration hygiene through the local radio stations.

Likewise, INF has established handwashing stations in six different locations of Martadi and Kolti Bazar of Bajura.

The second phase of support to the isolation centre and distribution to 410 vulnerable families from Budhinanda Municipality in the district is underway. INF has been implementing its community development programmes in three rural municipalities: Himali, Swamikartik and Khapar for the last several years. From this year, it has extended its programmes to Badimalika Municipality.