Since the earthquake (6.4 Richter Scale) that struck Jajarkot and surrounding districts on 3rd November, INF Nepal has been responding with the distribution of much-needed food items and medical camps, and now with the winterisation packages to the needy. 

Winterisation support – bringing warmth to communities in need

As winter tightened its grip, INF Nepal took swift action to counter the harsh conditions faced by earthquake-affected individuals residing in temporary shelters. INF Nepal embarked on the 5th distribution phase, focusing on winterisation support. The initiative included the distribution of winterisation packages comprising warm blankets, pillows, bed covers, mattresses, and warm caps.

In the first stage (1-6 December), direct distribution took place in Jajarkot Nalgad-5 municipality, supporting 577 households. 

Subsequently, on 10-11 December, distribution was extended to Aathbiskot-12 Municipality in west Rukum, benefiting 416 families. In total, 993 households received winterisation packages, with 32 of them being households with persons with disabilities.

The distribution made special provisions for persons with disabilities, offering them white sticks, crutches, and walkers to cater to their needs. Accompanying the distribution of assistive devices, physiotherapists set out to provide information and guidance on the significance of these devices and their proper usage.

Rabi BK, Mayor of Aathbiskot Municipality, Rukum West, expressed his gratitude and made forward a remark saying, “Relief distribution is mainly supported to pregnant and lactating mothers, women, elderly, but an effort especially, to support for persons with disabilities was lacking and the need to prioritise them was felt. We appreciate the initiative of INF for inclusive participation, especially focusing on persons with disabilities”. 

To ensure the targeted beneficiaries received the support, dedicated teams were deployed in Jajarkot and Rukum West. These teams engaged in discussions with government agencies, securing permissions for winterisation package distribution in Nalgad municipality-5, Jajarkot, and Aathbiskot municipality-11, Rukum West. Beneficiary selection criteria were established through meetings with local authorities and organisations representing persons with disabilities, focusing on the most vulnerable groups, including older people, women, and persons with disabilities.

The distribution points were strategically planned and managed, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility. Porters were provided to transport winterisation materials to the households of senior citizens who could not collect their support themselves.

INF Nepal prioritised supply chain management, engaging eligible vendors to ensure the quality of planned response support packages. The distribution followed a scientific mechanism, earning appreciation from the local communities for its efficiency.

Ganesh Singh, Former Minister of the Assembly of Karnali Province, expressed his gratitude, “The winterisation package is giving us warmth in the winter season. The distribution process is very systematic. I am grateful to INF for this initiative.” Similarly, Keshav Khatri, a resident of Nalgad Municipality-5, Jajarkot, commended INF’s systematic approach, emphasising that no resident was discriminated against.

The next phase aims to provide winterisation support to 600 households in Jajarkot and Rukum West. Additionally, plans include distributing 50 sets of shelter kits and providing food support to 100 families of persons with disabilities in Nalgad municipality, Jajarkot. Psycho-social counsellors will be deployed for counselling as part of this initiative.

Some of INF’s response activities:

  • Food Distribution: On 6th November, INF Nepal distributed ready-to-eat food items, including noodles, biscuits, nutrition food, and beaten rice, to 100 families in Nalgad Municipality Ward No. 6, Jajarkot.
  • Essential Relief Items: On 11th November, INF Nepal distributed 100 tarpaulins, 300 warm caps, 1200 square meters of mattresses, 2400 meters of ropes, and 200 warm blankets to 150 families in Nalgad Municipality Ward No. 8, Jajarkot.
  • Fibre Blanket Distribution: On 12th November, 200 fibre blankets were distributed in Bheri Municipality Ward 6, Jajarkot.
  • Health Camp: On 23-24 November, INF Nepal conducted a two-day Post-Disaster Medical Health Camp in the earthquake-affected area of Aathbiskot Municipality, wards No.10 and 13 in collaboration with Rukum West’s Aathbiskot Municipality, District Disaster Management Committee, and the local NGO Nepal Public Awakening Forum. A total of 523 patients were provided free health services, and 103 individuals with disabilities received assistive devices.

Loading winterisation packages onto tractors

Winterisation package distribution centre

We are thankful for the support we have been receiving from our partners. Please keep the INF team on the grounds in your thoughts and prayers as we work towards an effective response and recovery.