In a coordinated effort towards disaster risk reduction and preparedness, INF Nepal recently collaborated closely with the District Disaster Management Committee of Rolpa and a consortium of local stakeholders to execute a fire risk reduction and response mock drill in Libang, Rolpa. This crucial initiative also marked the official launch of the Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan for the year 2023.

The exercise was a collaborative effort involving various key players in disaster management, including the Nepal Army, Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, Nepal Red Cross Society, UNFPA and INF Nepal. These entities are pivotal on the frontlines when disasters strike within the district.

The drill’s primary focus encompassed both pre-disaster preparedness and post-disaster response strategies, aiming to mitigate potential fire-related damages. Participants engaged in simulated scenarios demonstrating effective damage reduction and swift rescue operations following a disaster.

The drill encompassed essential components such as search and rescue operations, first-aid administration, and emergency healthcare protocols, all carefully simulated within the context of a fire-related disaster.

During the program, Parmananda Ghimire, Chief District Officer of Rolpa district and Chairperson of the District Disaster Management Committee of Rolpa, highlighted the prevalent fire hazards stemming from sources like cooking gas cylinders and electrical short-circuits. He emphasised the significance of such drill exercises, noting their vital role in minimising damage caused by incidents like cooking gas cylinder explosions and electrical fires. He said, “This type of simulation rehearsals provides ample opportunities for the search and rescue operation, conducting first-aid and emergency health interventions.”

During the programme, INF Nepal received a letter of appreciation for its active and impactful role in preparing the district disaster preparedness and response plan and conducting the drill simulation for fire and gas explosions in the Rolpa district.

The event also featured a recognition ceremony to honour the generous financial and technical contributions made by numerous organisations and associations, including INF Nepal, who facilitated the publication of the Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan 2023. Other commended include the Nepal Red Cross Society, UNFPA, the Land and Watershed Management Office Rolpa, and the Health Office Rolpa.

“It is indeed a proud moment for us to be involved in this way as it reflects INF’s commitment to making a positive difference in our community,” commented Tilak Bhandari, Project Coordinator at the INF Rolpa branch, after receiving the letter of appreciation.

As the guest of honour, Sita Acharya, Chief of the District Coordination Committee, graced the occasion. Other attendees included representatives from local governments, various organisations, political parties, district heads of security agencies, journalists, teachers, and students. The programme was facilitated by DB Ghartimar, President of the Nepal Red Cross Society Rolpa Branch.

Launching the Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan 2023