A large stretch of road in Maharajgunj Village, Kapilvastu District, was unusable for several months of the year. During the monsoonal season it would flood and wash away, making transport and travel extremely challenging for local residents.

Two local INF facilitated Self-Help Groups have worked together to fund and construct a new section of road that will have long lasting benefits for the entire community.

The Manokamana and Pragati groups pooled their funds towards the road project. They collectively raised 56,000 rupees and INF donated the remaining 46,000 rupees needed to complete the project. Members of both groups worked on the 200 metre stretch of road, adding sand and stone, which was completed in just over a month.

Both groups continue to discuss priorities for their village.  These include health and hygiene issues, adequate toilets, education and maternal health. They have been encouraging vaccinations and regular checkups for pregnant women in the community.

They have also been trying to change attitudes around child marriage and the dowry system, which many believe creates inequality and is culturally outdated. In addition, the groups continue to invest savings for future projects.

Self-Help Groups play a key role in INF’s Community Health and Development work across hundreds of communities in Western Nepal.