INF is known for its holistic care and prevention of disabilities. During Nepal’s lockdown, we have been working to ensure that people with disabilities are able to access appropriate information and have their particular needs met.

INF is working with the World Health Organisation [WHO] to develop a series of videos providing essential health and hygiene information for people with disabilities and their carers. The first is already live and being shared widely throughout Nepal. The video features Bauddha Singh Tamang [28] and his wife Sarita [30] from Morang district of eastern Nepal. Bauddha is a Spinal Cord Injury patient at Green Pastures Hospital, where filming took place.

INF’s Communications Officer, Anil Rai, describes the experience of working with the WHO as a good, but “non-stop marathon” to produce five videos and a radio jingle in a very short span of time. The videos aim to be clear, simple and follow a consistent format.

Together, they will educate people with disabilities and their carers during lockdown about remaining safe and healthy, providing home-based learning for children, and outlining appropriate physical exercise options. When he considers their impact as they are rolled out nationally, Anil says, “If this little rush [to produce these resources] can help even a single person with a disability during this difficult situation, I will take that as a big win for our effort.”