INF Nepal organised a one-day free health camp on 27th July to aid the flood and landslide-affected people of Yangwarak Village in Panchthar district, Koshi Province. The camp served a total of 283 patients, providing free medical check-ups and distributing medicines to those in need. The floods and landslides were triggered by heavy rainfall in mid-June, affecting many households in the region.

Medical teams from Green Pastures Hospital and Panchthar District Hospital examined the patients in the camp. People from various areas, including Changthapu, Oyam, Falaincha, Beteni, Burme, and Samarjung, received medical assistance, with many facing diabetes and high blood pressure issues.

Bawa Menyangbo, Vice-chairperson of Yangwarak Rural Municipality, expressed gratitude for the camp’s effectiveness in providing essential care during the disaster’s aftermath. “The state’s attention had been in providing initial relief for those affected by the disaster,” she said. “At such a time, the camp was necessary, and we are thankful to INF Nepal’s team. It was very effective in providing much-needed care.”

Following the camp, INF Nepal also distributed disaster preparedness materials, including tarpaulins, stretchers, first aid boxes, helmets, bandages, fire braces, gloves, whistleblowers, and a medical tent to the Yangwarak Rural Municipality’s ward offices, health posts, and police post.