farewell and thank you prem

Prem looks back at his almost a decade with INF.

Can you share with us your journey with INF?

I joined INF in 2009 having been in the UK since 1998. I joined as Assistant Programmes Director. At that time all our work was arranged in district programmes and I had responsibility for looking after all the programmes. After two years I became Programmes Director and then in June 2013 I became Executive Director.

I really thank God for this opportunity to work with INF. When I returned from the UK everything was new for me; not only INF but the whole of Nepal was different too, so there was a lot to get used to!

How have you seen God at work in INF?

I can see God at work throughout the history of INF, right from the beginning with our fore-runners. INF has been through many tough times but God has always delivered. I’ve seen that personally too, in the time I have been with INF. There have been some significant challenges, such as personnel, funding and visas, but, reflecting back, I know God is sovereign and that even in the challenges there has been a purpose and God has been in control.

How has God led you to move on from INF and what will you be doing next?

A few reasons:  family commitments among others.

When I first joined INF, I said I would stay for five to six years and that time has passed and I feel it is right personally, and for the organisation, for me to move on.

I feel called to work in Nepal and I shall be working within the church to help leaders, especially young leaders, understand the social dimension to the gospel – integral mission or holistic mission as it’s also known. That will be mostly based in Kathmandu with family, but also travelling around Nepal. There will also be some trips to the UK to visit our two sons there. Our youngest goes to university there next academic year and our eldest is already there.

What will you miss most about leading INF?

I shall miss the family nature of working in INF; whether the staff, the board or the international family, we share a special family bond. There is that culture, that sense of belonging to a big family.

What advice would you give the new ED?

Do a lot of listening!

The challenge for INF now is how to work within in the new federal structure and there is a need to be pro-active with long-term planning, especially when considering the different levels of the new government structure. There needs to be relationship building at all the new levels.

The newly appointed ED Krishna brings with him the great strength of knowing INF well and I want to wish him great success.

And finally?

I want to thank all the supporters of INF both within and outside of Nepal. Thanks also to the INFN Board and the rest of the INF family here in Nepal and worldwide. I think too of, and thank, all the communities and clients that we have the privilege to serve. And, finally, once again, I want to thank God for the opportunity to have served in this great organisation.

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