The recent floods have now affected more than 100,000 Nepalis. The death toll has exceeded 130, with many people still missing.

As floodwaters recede and the extent of damage becomes clearer, concerns are growing around the outbreak of disease. Many have little, if any, access to adequate health care and clean drinking water.

INF continues to assist with on-the-ground relief distribution and is also working with government-led District Disaster Response Committees [DDRC] in each affected area to support families, many of who have been displaced.

To date INF has distributed 625 emergency relief food packages in Banke working in partnership with other local organisations. Following government approval, INF will also be distributing 500 relief non-food packages including a tent, ropes, blankets, clothes and kitchen supplies. Households in Dang will also receive both food and non-food relief packages.

INF is now preparing medical supplies, transport support and medical staff to assist in Banke, Surkhet, Bardiya and Dang districts.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers. If you would like to support INF’s relief work please donate here.