For leprosy patients, self-care education and practice are essential for a complete recovery. It goes beyond just administering Multi-Drug Therapy and involves changing behaviour towards self-care practices.

For leprosy patients, a self-care practice is essential to improve their condition and prevent further damage. Soaking, Scrapping, and Oiling are vital self-care practices that patients must learn and practice regularly. At Shining Hospital Banke, patients have access to the Self-Care Department, where they receive education and training on self-care practices. The impact of this department can be seen in transforming patients’ lives. The patients who once required daily reminders to engage in self-care practices now gather outside the wardroom, soaking their feet, massaging their feet, and scraping. It has become a social gathering where patients can connect, share their progress and build relationships.

This transformation has had not only a positive impact on patients’ mental well-being but also their physical health. Patients who previously had severe wounds and bone decay are now coming in with fewer complications, and the number of septic surgeries has reduced significantly. The continuous efforts of self-care staff, nurses, and paramedics have led to this incredible transformation.

INF Nepal’s Shining Hospital Banke is a testament to such services. The power of self-care and continuous education’s impact are powerful examples of how investing in these can significantly change the lives of people with leprosy.