Parvati* is a 32-year-old single mother living in Kajarhawa village in Maharajgunj Municipality of Kapilvastu district. When her husband died, she faced mistreats and hardship. The burden of raising two sons and one daughter was on her shoulder. Her family refused to offer any help to her; instead, she was/ blamed for her husband’s death. She faced violence at her home and lived in a quarrelsome environment, helpless and without any voice.

Through the INF Nepal project-initiated Self-Help Group [SHG], she had a place to put her sorrows and reach out for help. The SHG came out for her rescue; they supported her in getting her citizenship card. Through the mass gathering and lobbying to resolve her issue with her family members, they agreed to transfer some property in her name. As a result, Parvati received seven Kathas [2370 sq. metre] of farming land. The INF’s gender focal person also advocated for her rights, and she now gets the NRs 2000 [USD17] per month as a Social Security allowance from Nepal Government.

Through the project, she received three months of tailoring training. INF even provided her with the sewing machine. She now uses her stitching skills to earn some money. She has been able to make humble earnings of NRs 2000 per month, sewing and stitching clothes at her home. She cheerfully exclaimed with pride of being able to earn her living and taking care of her children. She plans to grow and take her stitching skills more professionally. This distinction has not come to her easy. Despite all her trials and tribulations, this brave lady is surviving and thriving with a smile on her face.

SHG members in Sewing trainings

SHG members during the sewing training

*Name changed for anonymity