General Physical Rehabilitation

General physical rehabilitation has been part of INF’s work since it first began treating leprosy patients in the 1950s. This work has expanded over the last 60 years and now includes rehabilitation for most general disabilities including Spinal Cord Injuries and deafness and those caused by the effects of Leprosy.

Our general physical rehabilitation considers not only the individual health needs of clients but also works with communities to advocate for inclusivity and assists in house adaptation so that clients can continue to function as members of their community as easily as possible.

One client who benefitted from these services is Durga Maya, who says “’I feel like I have been given a second chance at life”.

Durga fell from a tree while gathering fodder for her family’s livestock, and broke her back. As a result, she was paralysed from the waist down. After her injury, Durga developed pressure sores which became infected so that both her legs had to be amputated. INF supported Durga through all of her treatment, designing a prosthetic stump to support her and allow movement in her wheel chair, assisting with house adaptations and providing income generating support.

In 2014-15:

  • 22 children with Cerebral Palsy and their families attend CP camps


  • 171 different inpatients admitted for rehabilitation


  • Over 500 assistive devices including crutches, adaptive chairs, walkers and wheelchairs distributed


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Durga Maya is from a typical rural village. Her life changed dramatically when she fell from a tree. Found, comforted, counselled, and rehabilitated, her story highlights INF’s holistic care.
What happens when people refuse to take “No” for an answer!
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