Spinal Cord Injury

“How did I get here and why can’t I feel my legs?”
  • 249 – Number of orthopaedic appliances provided to patients in 2013-14


  • 93 – Number of patients admitted for rehabilitation in 2013-14

25-year-old Narayan opened his eyes and tried to stir. He could not move. Looking around, he saw he was connected to all kinds of wires linked to various machines. He panicked and asked if he was about to die.

Two months earlier he had unknowingly contracted meningitis. Narayan lost consciousness, and his family took him on a four-day journey from their village for treatment in Kathmandu. After six weeks Narayan finally regained consciousness, only to discover he had no movement in his legs and was now completely dependent on his father.

For Narayan and others living with spinal cord injuries, Nepal can be a difficult place. Even daily tasks can be impossible without help from family and friends.

INF’s Spinal Cord Injury work began in 1997 to support people like Narayan. Drawing on over 50 years of rehabilitation experience through our work in leprosy, we now help people with other disabilities reintegrate into their communities and lead full lives.

Nearly five months after regaining consciousness, Narayan heard about INF’s rehabilitation services. For two months, twice a day, he received therapy and medication at Surkhet Rehabilitation Centre.

Eventually, he began to regain control over his legs and recently, much to his great pleasure, he started to walk with a walker. The long road to recovery continues for Narayan but with renewed hope and support, his future is looking much brighter.

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