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Padam with his wife at Green Pastures Hospital

The epicentre of the massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake of 25 April 2015 was close to Tanahun District and caused major damage there.

For resident 70 year-old Padam, it would result in more than just damage to his home. Padam felt the first tremor whilst having his morning meal in the house. His wife had gone to collect fodder for the animals.

In a frantic rush, Padam ran out of the house as the shaking increased. He lost his balance, falling heavily to the ground into some bushes where he lost consciousness. His wife discovered him several hours later, bloodied, covered in dust and trembling.

Padam was taken to Manipal Teaching Hospital where spinal fixation was performed. He was then referred to Green Pastures Hospital [GPH] for further treatment and rehabilitation.

GPH took great care of Padam over the next few months as he continued to recover and rehabilitate. He received a wheelchair and other assistive devices including splint, footwear and a toilet chair in order to regain some independence over his life once again.

His wife, Buddhi, who has remained by his side during the recovery process was overwhelmed with the support from GPH.
“There has been a drastic improvement in his condition. I had almost lost hope for his recovery. But my hopes have been restored. Everything is very good, from food to accommodation. I am grateful towards the hospital.”

Padam was discharged a few months before the end of 2015. In December, a team from GPH visited Padam at his home where he warmly welcomed them.

They observed that he could now walk with the aid of a stick – a goal he had wished to attain. He was also able to eat, go to the toilet and carry out other basic day-to-day activities which brought great joy to the team to see.

Jovial and filled with great enthusiasm, he told the team, “I had lost hope to walk on my own two feet when I first entered GPH. But thanks to the hospital’s treatment and my wife’s love and care, I am now able to walk and carry out my daily activities by myself. I thank INF and the GPH team for all the support and care I received.”

Step by step, Padam is slowly reclaiming his life. As the one year anniversary of the earthquake that changed his life forever approaches, Padam is a picture of self-confidence, dignity and hope.

PRAY | GIVE | GO | SHARE – Please give thanks to God for Padam’s recovery and for the GPH staff who do their best in helping reclaim life and dignity for many like Padam. Continue to pray for INF’s rehabilitation work. You can also make a donation for this life-saving work at