INF has worked with people with disabilities for decades having seen the huge need for specialised care. Eighty percent of people living with a disability currently do not having access to the specialist medical care they desperately need in Nepal. INF has a vision to bring healing and hope to people with a disability. Raman Singh Thapa, who lost both legs in a train accident, is just one example of how INF is living out that vision.

Twenty-four-year-old Raman grew up in rural Tanahun District, south east of Pokhara. His father farmed nearby land and struggled to provide for the family. Raman left school and travelled to India to find work and help financially support his family. While boarding a train Raman was in a tragic accident that resulted in both his legs being amputated. He was taken to hospital in India and his treatment saw his savings completed depleted. Instead of being able to support his family he was now fully dependent on them.

On returning to Nepal one of Raman’s relatives referred him to Green Pastures Hospital [GPH] where the physiotherapy and occupational therapy team were able to manufacture prosthetics for Raman. Today he continues to work with the rehabilitation team at GPH as he learns to walk with his new prosthetics. Raman is determined to regain some independence and INF is committed to this process of healing and hope.