Meet Rabi*, an 18-year-old boy who lives with his parents, brother, and sister in the remote village of Kordha in Badimalika. Rabi’s hearing problem made attending school difficult, so he had to drop out and help his parents with household work.

Rabi’s family relies on agriculture to make a living but only provides enough food for three months a year. To make ends meet, Rabi’s father, Bikram*, also works as a tailor in the village. Rabi’s elder brother, who attends school, expressed concern about their family’s financial situation at a monthly Gairi Village Farmers Group meeting.

INF Nepal is running a Climate Change Adaptation for Sustainable Livelihoods Project in Kordha. Through the project, Rabi received two months of training in sewing and weaving at Martadi bazaar, Bajura. With his newfound skills, Rabi now sews various dresses, including Kurtha Suruwal, paijamas, Chaubandi Cholo (Nepali women’s blouse), and Dhaka topi (Nepali men’s cap). He even repairs shoes and sandals.

Rabi’s father is proud of his son’s achievements and says, “Sometimes, he earns a thousand rupees a day by sewing two kurtas in a day.” The income helps the family manage household expenses.

Rabi is now more confident and is living a dignified life in his village. His father is optimistic that Rabi can prepare even more specialised clothes, like suit pants, with further training. The project has brought hope and a new source of income for Rabi’s family.

Rabi and his father in their family tailor shop

Rabi with his father in their tailor shop

* Name changed to protect person’s identity