On September 13, INF Nepal organised a one-day interaction and orientation programme focused on the “Development of Accessible Physical Infrastructure” among various stakeholders, including government officials and like-minded organisations, in Birendranagar, Surkhet.

The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Karnali Province, Rajkumar Sharma, commended the initiative as a “Social Movement,” underlining his commitment to fostering social change and accessible physical infrastructure. He stressed, “Real development occurs when all classes and communities rise together,” emphasising that Karnali Province is in the midst of a transformative journey, with accessible public spaces marking a significant step in this direction.

Mangal Bahadur Shahi, the Minister of Physical Infrastructure and Urban Development of Karnali Province, pledged that all planned infrastructures would prioritise accessibility. While recognising challenges posed by geography and existing infrastructure, he underscored the need for focused efforts in reconstruction and development.

During the programme, representatives from the persons with a disability (PWD) community expressed the hardships and difficulties they endure due to the lack of accessibility in various government, public, and commercial buildings and roads across Karnali Province.

The session also featured a presentation on Accessible Physical Infrastructure Design by Krishna Gautam.

In-charge of INF Shining Hospital Surkhet, Lalit Saru Magar welcomed all attendees. Tarahang Tawa, INF’s Community Medical Outreach Project Coordinator, highlighted the programme’s purpose. President of the National Disabled Federation-Nepal, Karnali Province, presided over the programme, whereas Jeetlal Dhakal conducted the programme.

This insightful orientation programme was a collaborative effort by the National Federation of Disabled – Nepal, the Disabled Self-Reliance Development Association, and INF Nepal, resonating with the shared vision of a more accessible and inclusive Karnali Province.

Chief Minister of Karnali Province during the programme

Chief Minister of Karnali Province during the programme