Khagendra practicing walking with his wife

Sometimes, even a simple fall whilst walking can have a life changing impact.

Unfortunately this was the case for 42 year-old Khagendra from the Dailekh District of Mid-West Nepal. Every day, Khagendra would walk to and from his house to his labourer’s job in the village, a path he has walked hundreds of times before. On this occasion, some months ago, Khagendra slipped and fell causing serious injury to his right leg.

Khagendra received treatment at the Regional Hospital in Surkhet before returning home. After being bedridden for five months with persistent pain, it was clear he needed more help. He stayed at the INF Surkhet Clinic for a week before being referred to Green Pastures Hospital [GPH] for further treatment.

Khagendra comes from a farming background, however, it is insufficient to support his wife and young son. To supplement his income, he often must go to India for parts of the year, leaving his family behind. Had it not been for INF, the strain from the medical costs to treat his leg would have been too heavy a burden on Khagendra and his family. INF’s Surkhet Clinic paid for all the costs of his treatment including the surgery from its poor fund.

At GPH, Khagendra received surgery to his right femur under the expert care of the orthopedic surgeon. The orthopedic surgery services at GPH provides many people like Khagendra an opportunity for life changing surgeries.

Khagendra is making a speedy recovery and is looking forward to returning to his village. He received good physiotherapy and occupational therapy rehabilitation at GPH after the successful surgery and is now at the Surkhet Clinic where he is receiving further rehabilitation. He is very grateful to INF for the love, care and services provided by all the staff.

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